O'Brien Forest Products LLC

Our commitment is to provide a sustainable forestry program that insures a profitable, renewable resource for many generations to come.  As a family owned business our dedication to Michigan's woodland owners and responsible harvesting practices goes well beyond normal sawmill operations.  
As our relationship to woodlot owners increase, the concept of eco-forestry, reforestation, wild life habitat, and proper control of soil erosion become a well balanced part of Michigan's only true sustainable forestry program. 

Timber evaluations are preformed  by one of Our Timber Buyers  who will physically walk the woods marking only those trees 16” in diameter or larger, or those detrimental to the health of the woodlot. We  hope that in the future we will be able to return to the woodlots which we harvest and continue utilizing them as a productive resource. 

This is a service free of charge that we feel everyone can benefit from.  Our company believes that a more informed woodland owner small or large can make a substantial difference in correct forest management. 

If you are interested, or have any questions about your woodlot, feel free to contact us at any time for an evaluation of your forest, we would be glad to help.  Our contact number is (616) 862-3108, or send us an email from our home page.  From all of us at O'Brien Forest Products, thank you for your interests in properly maintaining your woodlot through sustainable forestry.

O'Brien Forest Products LLC
a fully licensed and insured company for your protection.

PO Box302 Shelbyville, MI 49344
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