black walnut tree removal michigan

Do you have a nice straight, tall, thick walnut tree in Michigan that you would like removed?Please fill in the contact form below and we will contact you as to its value and the possibility of us paying you for it.

To get an idea of the type of work that is involved  black walnut tree removal michigan -Click here to see the videos

black walnut tree removal Michigan
This is the type of stem that is valuable

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Black Walnut Tree Removal Michigan

Please fill out your contact information below to receive a no cost, no obligation consultation on the value of the walnut trees around your home.  We will be glad to travel anywhere in the state of Michigan to harvest qualifing trees.   It will help us greatly if you are able to send a picture of your tree after we evaluate this submission.

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The Fine Print

Harvesting a large tree is difficult, high risk hard work.  If you figured that your tree was worth a king's ransom, think again.  Most  truly valuable trees are grown surrounded by other trees in deep shade in a forest or wooded area.  This encourages the tree to grow straight with few low branches, producing a nice stem with few defects. 

The ability to harvest many trees at once in a wooded area also reduces fixed costs associated with the harvest, since they are divided among many trees.

As in other industries fuel and transportation is a major factor in tree removal.  Your tree needs to be transported to a holding area where it is stored until 60-80 additional stems are accumulated for a full truck load.  Transportation fees alone are now up to $700.

We will do all the work.  We will handle the insurance and all other associated costs.  We will take all the risks.

You will receive payment in full before your walnut tree stem is removed.

black walnut tree removal Michigan

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