Walnut Price-
How much is my Walnut Tree Worth?

 You may have heard that the tree growing in your yard is worth a lot of money. Indeed walnut wood is highly prized and can also be quite valuable. 

Although the costs associated with tree harvesting have risen,
walnut prices have remained stable.

Is it A Good Time To Harvest?

Our best estimate is that this trend will continue. Walnut prices should continue to reflect it's premium qualities.

We do not foresee any reduction in harvesting costs.  Possibly there may be drastic increases at any time.

If you live anywhere in Michigan we could pay from
$500.00 up to $1,000.00
for any walnut tree that qualifies for our program. (no one that we know of anywhere else is doing this)

What Type of Trunk?

A twisted or knotty trunk does not have much value when it comes to timber (think of a board - long and straight).

What has highest value is tall and thick with few or no  defects.  The only part of a tree that we are interested in is the stem - the trunk up to the lowest part of the first branches.

If you own a woodlot with many trees in Michigan please visit: http://www.OBrienForestProducts.com

Walnut Price -
 Walnut Tree Bark
Notice the "flatter" ridge tops  than below

 Ash Tree Bark
Tops of the ridges are more "pointy" than on the walnut

There needs to be least 9 feet of clearance between the ground and first branches. The diameter needs to be at least 24 inches at chest height.

If your tree does not meet these qualifactions it may still have some timber value, but not enough to cover the costs associated with harvesting and transporting it.

To see why it is so expensive to cut down a tree visit: http://walnutprice.weebly.com/videos.html

Look at the gallery of trees below to use as a guide in determining tree quality and how to measure your tree(s). It should help you decide if your tree might qualify for our program.

Walnut Price-

Gallery of Trees

Typical "yard tree"  not   much clearance between the ground and first branching.  Massive top in comparison to trunk.

Good Candidate: Tall, Thick, Straight  Trunk with Few Defects.


Nice size

This tree is close to 13 inches in diameter measured at about 4 feet off the ground.

Early Branching.  A "V" shaped tree most be truly massive to make a good candidate.

Baby Tree

Low Branch, Too Thin

24 inch minimum diameter required.  Clean bark on the outside of the trunk.

Walnut Price -
If You Own A Tree That May Be A Candidate

We are taking harvest information from good candidate trees in
Michigan. Click Here
-  black walnut tree removal Michigan  to enroll in our program and for more details.


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